SRG has an exemplary record of success in providing consulting, investigative and protection services related to industrial disputes. That success is due to the backgrounds of our personnel, who are former officers of the R.C.M.P., Canadian Armed Forces and professional security firms.

SRG has a unique capability to recognize and understand the personalities and interactions typical of industrial disputes. We have an ability to provide objective advice based on knowledge of how both sides in such disputes are likely to act and react in a given situation.


Security Management

Consulting Services

As with many aspects of security work, the control of industrial disputes depends on close consultation before the dispute arises. Our senior personnel provide valuable advice and a detailed plan of action for security systems and procedures. Our goal is to help you avoid or prevent confrontation whenever possible.

Intelligence Services

Information is the key to successfully controlling industrial dispute situations. Our trained professionals will help you acquire and interpret information on the personalities, backgrounds, associations and activities of the participants. This includes not only intelligence on the clients’ antagonists, but also information about the clients’ property, inventory and work procedures in order to take appropriate protective measures.

The intelligence-gathering function provides a second extremely important benefit: documented evidence to support an application for injunction or lawsuit arising from a dispute.

Security Services

For industrial disputes, we provide and co-ordinate a complete range of services nationally, including uniformed guards (licensed and bonded), communications systems, on-location security supervision, vehicle inspection, visitor registration and clearance, logged duty reports and fire and vandalism protection.

We will install covert video and alarm systems where required and will provide personnel, vehicles and communications systems for perimeter security. Our security team establishes a close liaison with all parties involved, ensuring client policies and actions are clearly understood. We also maintain communication with emergency response agencies including police, fire, ambulance and medical.

  • Information Technology Office

    "SRG provides subject matter expertise to the Government of Saskatchewan in a timely, proficient manner. I have enjoyed working with the SRG team and appreciate the adaptability and professionalism they exhibit when dealing with our challenging environment." - Crystal Zorn, Director, Information Security Branch
  • The Manitoba Museum

    "SRG has been a reliable and preferred supplier of security services to The Manitoba Museum for a number of years." - David Thompson, Director of Finance and Operations
  • The Alberta Teachers’ Association

    "The IT security improvement journey for any organization can a large and continuous undertaking. The Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) chose to partner with SRG many years ago to assist us on that journey. SRG continues to add value to the ATA by providing top quality service and resources in an annual security plan. Over the years, SRG has helped us to gain support and commitment from the various stakeholders in the Association and we continue to look forward to a long relationship with SRG." - Dr. Terry Bruchal, Director of Information Technology

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