UNIFORMED SECURITY GUARDS, professionally trained and experienced, provide safety and security for your people, premises or special events. Services are structured to meet your needs.

PERSONNEL are selected and trained for specific jobs and may be approved by the client before commencing duties. SRG personnel may be either uniformed or plain clothes and are specially briefed on an all aspects of the security requirements of the client’s work environment.

YOUR IMAGE is important. We recognize the necessity of protecting and projecting the professional image your business has earned. Our Security Guards are Your Security Team. They are trained to project the decorum, deportment and high standards expected of professionals. Customized Uniforms, designed to reflect your business can also be arranged. Discretionary Attire is used for operations where obvious recognition or identification is not an advantage.

Mobile Patrol

MOBILE PATROL/KEY RESPONSE: Flexibility in designing security services to accommodate client needs is a hallmark of our operations. Clients who do not require full time security personnel on-site are well served by our mobile patrols that operate on a 24-hour basis through a centralized communications system that ensures immediate response to emergency situations and alarms.

CUSTOMIZED MOBILE SECURITY PATROLS are provided 24 hours per day and can include such security measures as:

  • Locking and unlocking buildings
  • Activating and deactivating alarms
  • Foot patrols (inside and outside)
  • Responding to alarms
  • Escorting personnel

Alarm Response

An alarm system is only as good as its support system. With increasing demands on our police forces and new legislation on alarm response, our program offers a complete support to your alarm system. Our personnel are available 24 hours per day to respond to your needs. Professionally trained security personnel will investigate alarms and take the necessary steps to ensure your premises are secure.

  • Information Technology Office

    "SRG provides subject matter expertise to the Government of Saskatchewan in a timely, proficient manner. I have enjoyed working with the SRG team and appreciate the adaptability and professionalism they exhibit when dealing with our challenging environment." - Crystal Zorn, Director, Information Security Branch
  • The Manitoba Museum

    "SRG has been a reliable and preferred supplier of security services to The Manitoba Museum for a number of years." - David Thompson, Director of Finance and Operations
  • The Alberta Teachers’ Association

    "The IT security improvement journey for any organization can a large and continuous undertaking. The Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) chose to partner with SRG many years ago to assist us on that journey. SRG continues to add value to the ATA by providing top quality service and resources in an annual security plan. Over the years, SRG has helped us to gain support and commitment from the various stakeholders in the Association and we continue to look forward to a long relationship with SRG." - Dr. Terry Bruchal, Director of Information Technology

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